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The satellite broadcast of LatinaF TV on Intelsat-12 was  dicontinued as of December 30th, 2010.

The distribution of the channel will continue trough internet. The channel is available on our website.

For Bulgaria we will continue working with most of the cable operators and the channel will be recovered where possible. For our viewers trough satellite we appologize for the inconvenience.

We hope to overcome the difficulties soon and bring your favorite channel back to your homes again...





























Nelly Furtado




Latin Grammys 2010





Don Omar -"Meet the orphans"

 is the new album of the famous reggaeton singer ,

scheduled to come out on November 16th.



Carlos Baute



Jencarlos Canela

The Cuban singer Jencarlos Canela have concurred the Billboard charts with the hit song"Buscame". On December 12th the Latin estrella will present the new single "Mi Corazon insiste".   




Carlos Baute


Carlos Baute’s newest album “Amrte Bien”comes out on November 23rd. His pilot single has already being played on most TV and Radio stations around the globe. Its name is "Quien te quiera como yo" – who loves you like me. The video was shot in Tepoztlan, Mexico with the TV show woman Odalys Ramires. The video was devoted to the actor Gael Garcia Bernal. In the video Baute crosses different cities across Mexico on a bike. The video ends with the message “To be continued,” because the idea is that every song from this album will take place in different Latino American countries as the last one will take place in Argentine. The presentation of the album was in Madrid on October 26th. At the premiere Baute explained why he admires women, his favorite songs and where they had being written also the message they carry. Baute continues on a world tour to other countries like Spain, USA, and countries from Latin America to promote the album.



Ricky Martin


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