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About Us

LatinaF is a music entertainment TV channel, which is broadcasted trough satellite in Europe and has national coverage through cable in Bulgaria. It presents entertainment of a new type with original format in which music and culture intertwine, fulfill and reflect each other.  

The 24 hour program is versatile and embraces much of the colorful Latin music styles, performed by established singers, who are well known and loved around the world; for them the viewers could learn from special shows and interviews. LatinaF broadcasts educational shows, musical charts, concerts and dancing school shows.  
The team of LatinaF pledges the commitment of bringing joy and warmth in our viewers’ hearts by means of entertainment through music and culture introducing the Latin spirit of Fiesta. Our team is spiritually young and professionally supported. We have created LatinaF as a synthesis of the good mood, passion and love.
We have created LatinaF
for the spiritually young, for the romantics,
for the one in love and those who search for love,
for these who work hard and those who are on vacation,
for the children and their parents, grandkids and grandparents,
for the one loving the good weather and Sun, and those who love the rain.
LatinaF was created for the people and devoted to the joy of Life!
Our team has the ambition to present LatinaF Television to you fans and colleagues in a why which will not leave you untouched. We will not spear energy and time to make you love us and turn you into our supporters, devotees and viewers.


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